Items from The News, Navy News and Warship World are reproduced by kind permission of David Brown, Sarah Fletcher and Steve Bush respectively.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.

29 Mar 18 - Award of LS&GC


Congratulations to WO(D) Keith Satchwell, CPO(MW) Antony 'Pinta' Beer, CPO(MW) P Davies, CPO(D) Gary Waring and PO(D) S W Clark on being gazetted for the award of the first clasp to the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal and to PO(D) G. C. Rudkin, PO(D) Gavin Speer and LS(D) Tim Chudley on being gazetted for the award of the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal.


26 Mar 18 - Activities of HMS Penzance


The Royal Navy website contains this article reporting that HMS Penzance (MCM1 Crew 1) has helped train ten trainees from Vietnam, Belize, Barbados, Jordon, Jamaica, Kenya and Lebanon during a recent two-week period off Scotland.


International trainee navigators on board HMS Penzance

(RN website photo)


The Royal Navy website also contains this article announcing a visit by HMS Penzance to Stromness in Orkney from 26 to 28 March.


12 Mar 18 - Award of LS&GC


Congratulations to CPO(D) Mark Hope on being gazetted for the award of the second clasp to the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal and to PO(MW) Alan Innes on being gazetted for the award of the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal.


8 Mar 18 - MCDO marks International Women's Day


The Royal Navy website contains this article announcing that MCDO Catherine Ker, serving at the Defence Diving School (DDS) on Horsea Island, has helped mark International Women's Day.  In 2010, Catherine was the first woman to qualify on the MCDO course and has since deployed to the Gulf as the XO of a Sandown class MCMV and taught a new generation of Royal Navy divers.


Lt Cdr Catherine Ker at DDS

(RN website photo)


7 Mar 18 - HMS Cattistock clears historical ordnance around Oslo


The Royal Navy website contains this article reporting that HMS Cattistock (MCM2 Crew 8 commanded by MCDOA member Charlie Wheen) has found more than ten Second World War mines and torpedoes off Oslo during a concerted two-week search with Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1).  In all, 27 mines and four torpedoes were found by the group with the Brits accounting for more than one third of the haul.






Officially adopted by the MCDOA, AORNFCD, MWA, TCA and now the RNCDA.  We have even received a $500 AUS grant from the RANCDA.  Join our Facebook group here:


Project Vernon - The Mine Warfare & Diving Monument


2 Mar 18 - Recent tweets


Click on the linked dates for all associated photos:


HMS Pembroke (MCM1 Crew 5)


28 Feb 18 - Formal training has commenced as we welcome on board a team from FOST to put us through our paces.  It’s a chilly start as the ‘beast from the East’ bites, but that’s not going to stop us.  Hardy sailors getting on with it.




HMS Brocklesby (MCM2 Crew 3)


1 Mar 18 - Mess Dinner held in the Wardroom on board BROC last night in honour of Navs and Guns 'striping up' to Lieutenant Royal Navy. Fantastic evening with great support from the logistics team who are also first aiders, machine gun aimers and drive the ship!



28 Feb 18 - Thanks to our new followers for welcoming us to Twitter, including COMPORFLOT who came on board yesterday to present his first Commendation to our DWEO (Deputy Weapon Engineering Officer) for his recent hard work.  Well deserved.



Lt Adam Colman RAN (XO HMS Pembroke - MCM1 Crew 5)


28 Feb 18 - The ‘Beast from the East’ hasn’t stopped the future small ship XOs gaining essential knowledge at HMS Raleigh before returning to front line ships.





1 Mar 18


Si Kelly pays tribute at Scapa Flow


I am grateful to Lt Cdr Matt Cox, the ship's WEO, for this press release from the Type 23 frigate HMS Westminster commanded by MCDOA member Si Kelly:



HMS Westminster Specialist Navigator Training


The Specialist Navigator Course or SpecN, is the Royal Navy’s most advanced navigation course, where navigators are trained to not only navigator a warship, but an entire task group.  


Instead of using a whole task group the course is taught on a frigate at high speed in challenging waterways, close to land to simulate the pressures the navigators will experience when using these skills for many ships.  


HMS Westminster, with her two Rolls-Royce Spey gas turbines and capable of over 28 knots is the ideal platform for such training and returning from operating in the extreme cold of the Arctic is already familiar with challenging navigation.  


The SpecN course has taken HMS Westminster to the striking fjords of Norway, to the desolate beauty of the Shetlands and on to the historic Scapa Flow in the Orkneys.  


The Weapon Engineer Officer of HMS Westminster, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Cox RN, said, “It has been a real privilege to see some of the UK’s most beautiful coastline and wildlife.  In an attempt to find new and challenging routes, the SpecN course has taken HMS Westminster to some of the hidden gems that warships don’t routinely get to visit.”  


Once home to the Royal Navy’s World War II Home Fleet, Scapa Flow was witness to one of the first U-Boat sinkings of the War.  On 14 October 1939, U-47 raided Scapa Flow and successfully sank the battleship HMS Royal Oak, with 833 of her 1,400 man crew lost.  Seventy nine years later, the Ship’s Company of HMS Westminster took the opportunity of a few hours at anchor in Scapa Flow to remember those lost.






The Commanding Officer of HMS Westminster, Commander Simon P Kelly Royal Navy said, “Having had the great honour of previously accompanying the Naval Diving Unit responsible for the laying of a White Ensign every year on the wreck of HMS Royal Oak, it has been an absolute privilege to return to Scapa Flow in Command of HMS Westminster and hold a service to remember the 833 sailors who lost their lives far from home in the Service of their country”.  


Although conducting training, HMS Westminster remains the Fleet Ready Escort, a platform at high readiness to respond to any incident in UK waters.  Last month HMS Westminster was called upon to escort a Russian task group through the English Channel, but missions can range from maritime security, to search and rescue or even counter terrorism.

Postscript: The Navy News website has since published this article covering the same story.

Sandowns in the snow


It's snowing at Faslane:



(RN photos by LPhot Pepe Hogan, FRPU North)


28 Feb 18 - Graduation of AB(MW) Course 1702


Congratulations to instructor Phil Mayer and the successful members of AB(MW) Course 1702 who recently qualified at the Maritime Warfare School, HMS Collingwood.



AB(MW) Course 1702 at HMS Collingwood


27 Feb 18 - A tweet from HMS Brocklesby


HMS Brocklesby (MCM2 Crew 3) has tweeted that she has joined the 'Twittersphere' and is preparing to deploy to the Gulf this summer.


MCM2 Crew 3 on board HMS Brocklesby


26 Feb 18 - A trip down Memory Lane


Your humble Webmaster had an an enjoyable session with journalist and author Bob Hind at fellow MCDOA member Doug Barlow's cottage in Emsworth today.  Bob writes the 'Nostalgia' column for the Portsmouth News and is a keen supporter of the RN minewarfare & diving community in general and the Vernon Monument in particular.


Bob Hind flanked by Doug Barlow and Rob Hoole


Over the years, Bob has written many articles featuring (or at least mentioning) HMS Vernon including:


NOSTALGIA: Full of atmosphere – Commercial Road in the 1950s


Most Portsmouth people over a certain age will have heard of HMS Vernon


From mine warfare to a mine of shopping and leisure facilities in Portsmouth


Shipspotters put my knowledge to shame


Leigh Park House is long gone, but not forgotten


Names may change but the roads stay the same


Remembering the women of Portsmouth who did their duty in the First World War


Portsmouth power station dominated the skyline of the old town


25 Feb 18 - RN Diving Heritage: Pioneer clearance diver's biography


Clearance Diving branch legend Eamon 'Ginge' Fullen dropped in today with a copy of the newly published autobiography of Jim 'Guns' Cannon which he has helped Jim produce.  The book, titled 'Chronicles of a Clearance Diver - The First of the Few', is a richly illustrated account of Jim's life from his birth in Portsmouth in 1933, through his early life and his eventful career as a diver in the Royal Navy until 1958 and then in the West Sussex Constabulary until 1990 although he stayed on as a civilian equipment technician until 1998.



Jim joined the Royal Navy at HMS St Vincent as a 15-year-old and served as a Gunnery rating in HMS Vanguard, the Royal Navy's last battleship, and the destroyer HMS Creole before qualifying on CD Course 006 in October 1953 as one of the Royal Navy's earliest clearance divers.  He was subsequently involved in many fascinating incidents which he describes in humorous detail.   Jim was awarded a C-in-C Nore's Commendation as an Able Seaman in 1954 and a Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct as a police constable in 1969.



Left: Jim Cannon as an AB on the Portland CD Team circa 1955

Right: Jim Cannon's final dive at the age of 65 in 1998


The book should be available via the RNCDA website soon and is thoroughly recommended to anyone with an interest in our community's diving heritage.


24 Feb 18 - Recent Tweets


Click on the linked dates to see all accompanying images:  


Capt MFP


23 Feb 18 - The view from my office!  Welcome back HMS HURWORTH after a busy 10 days shaking down.  Ship preparing to come alongside in a fresh easterly breeze.  Keep up the good work team.



17 Feb 18 - Spare a thought for HMS CATTISTOCK part of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 on a three month deployment to the Baltic Sea.  Superb imagery of CATT operating in challenging but equally stunning environmental conditions.  BZ Team.






17 Feb 18 - And thank you HMS CATTISTOCK for providing superb footage demonstrating how Royal Navy Clearance Divers lift a Mine from the seabed using an enclosed mine lifting bag (EMLB)!  Keep up the good work Team on Ops. 


HMS Penzance (MCM1 Crew 1)


23 Feb 18 - HMS Penzance at sea conducting MCM Ops with SLt Imogen Napper RNR from HMS Vivid.



CDT Zr.Ms. Mercuur


22 Feb 18 - Exercising replenishment at sea manoeuvres with HMS Cattistock.



Royal Navy


22 Feb 18 - HMNB Portsmouth based minehunter HMS Hurworth sailed with her new crew (MCM2 Crew 6) for her first extensive period at sea, sailing past friends from home on the way; Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon and patrol vessel HMS Mersey.



HMS Ledbury (MCM2 Crew 5)


21 Feb 18 - Proud to support the Omani-led exercise, Khunjar Hadd, demonstrating our ability to provide stability and security at sea in the Middle East.




23 Feb 18 - MCMV News


The UK Government website contains this article describing the participation of HMS Middleton (MCM2 Crew 2 commanded by MCDOA member Dan Morris) in Staff Sea Days in Kuwait.  She was accompanied by HMS Blyth (MCM1 Crew 4).







The Naval Today website contains this article reporting that ships of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1), including HMS Cattistock (MCM2 Crew 8 commanded by MCDOA member Charlie Wheen), have detected a total of 23 mines and four torpedoes during the past two weeks while working with the Royal Norwegian Navy to locate and dispose of Second World War ordnance in Oslo Fjord.


The Norwegian Oksøy class minehunter HNoMS Måløy


22 Feb 18


Changes at MASTT and FDS


Congratulations to MCDOA member John Hunnibell on his penultimate day in uniform on Friday 16 February when he was presented with his Long Service & Good Conduct medal by MCDOA past-Chairman Mark Atkinson.



On the same day, John was relieved by fellow MCDOA member Dave Stanbury as Officer-in-Charge of the Maritime Autonomous Systems Trials Team (MASTT).  Congratulations to Dave, too.



Photos courtesy of Dave Stanbury.


I am also grateful to MCDOA member Dave Hunkin for this message:


"Dear Rob,


A quick note to congratulate Al Nekrews QGM on his appointment as CO Fleet Diving Squadron on Wednesday.  I understand that competition this year was particularly fierce with a great crop of MCD Cdrs in the mix which can only bode well for the future of the Branch.


Many congratulations to Al who I know will bring his own inimitable style to this key role plus a huge amount of operational experience to this vital area of Defence.


Kind Regards,


Dave Hunkin"


Al Nekrews at 2017 MCDOA Annual Dinner


SDU1 deals with smoke grenade on Devon beach


The Devon Live website contains this article, including video, reporting the disposal, presumably by members of Plymouth-based Southern Diving Unit 1 (SDU1), of a partially functioned smoke grenade found on the beach at Saunton in Devon.



NDG deals with ordnance on Isle of Man beach


The Isle of Man Government website contains this article reporting the disposal, presumably by members of Faslane-based Northern Diving Group (NDG), of what appears to be a spent cartridge case found at Ramsey on the Isle of Man.



21 Feb 18


Dan Herridge to command Sandown class minehunter



Congratulations to MCDOA member Dan Herridge who has been appointed Commanding Officer of MCM1 Crew 6 from April.  He informs me that he is "absolutely over the moon and looking forward to the privilege".  He has also promised lots of snippets of life at sea for the website.


WO1(D) Keith Satchwell awarded MSM


Congratulations to Keith Satchwell on being gazetted for the award of the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM).


20 Feb 18 - Gentlemen Who Lunch


The MCDOA's 'Not Quite the Last of the Summer Wine' trio of Barlow, Holloway and Hoole joined MCDOA past-President Colin Welborn and past-Vice Chairman Jon Riches for a hugely sociable lunchtime session today at The Flower Pots Inn at Cheriton in Hampshire where we consumed Super 'Pots' real ale produced by the pub's own brewery.  Sandy and Jo, the pub's landlady, served us well and we much enjoyed their large, well-filled baps.





19 Feb 18 - Presentation on AUVs


MCDOA member Geoff Goodwin has drawn my attention to this announcement:


Joint meeting of the RIN and The Nautical Institute Solent Branch


Thursday 26th April 2018 at 1900


Warsash Maritime Academy, Newtown Road,

Warsash, SO31 9ZL


“Autonomous vessels – A real revolution”


Professor Andy Norris FRIN FNI


The age of the autonomous vessel has already arrived. The speaker will describe the present situation, how the future is likely to evolve and why their use will inevitably expand.  At this joint meeting he will consider where we are now and are likely to be in a few years time and beyond.


He will look at available and emerging technology, the various types of autonomy, along with UK and International examples of systems being sold and under development. Other implications will be considered, such as the impact on the Colregs, maritime regulations, marine insurance and leisure sailors.


His presentation will be directed and open to all those with an interest in the maritime sector, including pilots, the rescue services, harbour authorities, bridge staff,  small craft sailors, insurers, trainers, students, legal experts, trainers, researchers and manufacturers.  Members of kindred societies such as IMarEST, RINA, and the Soton Master Mariners Club will also be welcome.


Prior booking is not mandatory but would help planning, to book please Click here!  It leads you to “Eventbrite” which will take and acknowledge your booking, provide you more detail plus a map of the location.  Simply click “REGISTER” and then “CHECKOUT”.  There is no charge for attendance and the meeting room will be open from 1830 for signing in.


In case of difficulty booking online, please email names/organisation to  For details of  other RIN events, please visit


18 Feb 18 - Latest Rope Signal 


The latest issue of the Historical Diving Society (HDS) newsletter 'Rope Signal' can be accessed via this link:


Issue 2 (2018) of the Historical Diving Society Newsletter  



The previous issue of Rope Signal (see second entry for 11 Feb 18) reported the sad news that Ray Sutcliffe had passed on.  His funeral service will be held at 1200 on Wednesday 7 March at Mortlake Crematorium, Meadow Path, Townmead Road, Richmond, TW9, 4EN.  The service will be followed by a gathering at Ray's favourite pub, The Forrester's Arms in Hampton Wick, which is just down the road from where he lived.  He was extremely popular among the local community so it seemed only fitting to end up there for a drink and some jazz.


17 Feb 18 - SDU2 kept busy


These images have been tweeted showing members of Portsmouth-based Southern Diving Unit 2 (SDU2) dealing with projectiles and shells found at an aggregate yard in Shoreham yesterday.  The items were destroyed in a controlled explosion.




On completion, the team was due to attend another incident in Southsea.


16 Feb 18 - A coffee with our past-President


Your humble Webmaster had a delightful chat with MCDOA past-President Paddy McAlpine over a cup of coffee this morning and passed him a copy of Home Waters for which he was gracious enough to provide this foreword.  I was also charmed by Paddy's wife Janette.




I have ordered a consignment of books from the USA for sale in the UK and am awaiting delivery.


14 Feb 18 - SDU2 is a hot topic


Today's Portsmouth News contains this article about the work of Southern Diving Unit 2 (SDU2) featuring MCDOA member Jonny Campbell (OIC SDU2).



Other recent items include:


Portsmouth divers called to help as London airport shut after Second World War bomb is found


IN PICTURES: Portsmouth divers attend unexploded bomb incident at London City Airport


Safety fears delay Royal Navy’s bid to destroy bomb at London airport


Navy’s ‘unsung heroes’ risk their lives every week destroying bombs


UPDATE: Operation to destroy London bomb to resume


MCDOA member Del McKnight, CO of the Fleet Diving Squadron (FDS), being interviewed at the scene of the recovery of the Second World War German 500 kg SC bomb in the KGV Dock adjacent to London City Airport.



STOP PRESS! The deed has been performed:


Portsmouth News: Specialist navy team from Portsmouth blow up 500kg wartime bomb


Daily Mail: Moment Royal Navy detonates 1,100lb WWII bomb which forced closure of London City Airport after a mammoth 72-hour operation to tow it out to sea



13 Feb 18 - Gentlemen Who Lunch


The MCDOA's 'Not Quite the Last of the Summer Wine' trio of Barlow Holloway and Hoole gathered at the Sussex Brewery in Emsworth today with fellow traveller Lez Howard. 


It being Shrove Tuesday, my next door neighbour Lez and I availed ourselves of some very tasty savoury pancakes filled with cod, salmon and prawns topped with a Mornay sauce.  Barlow said he wasn’t that hungry and just asked for two sweet pancakes with syrup instead of the standard portion of three (with a discount, of course).  These hardly touched the sides and he ended up ordering yet another portion of two pancakes because he still wasn’t hungry enough to eat three (if you see what I mean).  This left the chef with two spare sweet pancakes which Lez and I were more than happy to polish off.



12 Feb 18 - Funeral of Lt Cdr William Brian Norton RN


It was a full house at The Oaks Crematorium in Havant yesterday for the funeral of MCDOA member Bill 'Chippy' Norton (see entry for 22 Jan 18).  The minewarfare & diving community was represented by MCDOA members Jon Cox, Mike Kooner MBE, Jon Riches, Jim Sykes and Yours Truly as well as former CD1s Colin 'Scouse' Kidman QGM, Mick Fellows MBE DSC BEM, Don Green, Mike Handford, Chris Jones BEM, Willie Owen, Ray Ramsay and Brian 'Troy' Tempest,  The HMS Ganges Association and Freemasons were also well represented and, of course, there were many members of the family including Bill's widow Gunhild.






Towards the end of the service, I rang '5 Bells' on the RNCDA's travelling bell commissioned by Tony Sexton thanks to an anonymous donor, a Royal Marines bugler sounded the Last Post and Reveille and Shep Woolley, Chairman of the Ganges Association, piped the Still and Carry On.


Click on this image for a scanned copy of the Order of Service:



Bill's family composed this eulogy which was delivered by the Revd Derek Reeve:


William Brian Norton (Bill) was born on the 23rd of December 1935 in the small Northumbrian village of Ponteland to parents William and Edna Norton.  He was the elder of two children, being the brother to Richard known as Syd.  He became the man of the house at the early age of 7 following the death to TB of his father.  He was raised and educated in the County and as a boy William was especially proud of his achievements during the school holidays working on a local farm with Italian Prisoners of war.  He took to farm work so well he found himself facing the choice of full time farm work or entering an apprenticeship in Vickers shipyard which had been arranged by his uncles.


William however, confounding everyone, decided to join the Royal Navy and at 15 joined HMS Ganges as a Boy Seaman 2nd Class in 1951.  One particular account of many salty tales was, when as a young sailor, he was in the middle of the ocean learning navigation by the stars, he pointed out an object passing across the sky, which no one could identify, and how special he felt to later find out that the object he had identified was Sputnick.


He progressed through the ranks as a rating, firstly as a Gunner, but a change of career to the diving branch came about due to the Suez crisis, qualifying as a Clearance Diving Instructor along the way.  After being selected for officer training, he graduated from the Royal Naval College at Greenwich as a Sub 1965,  He then served in a variety of appointments afloat and ashore as a Seaman Officer, specialising in Mine Warfare including Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Deep Diving operations.  His last appointment was as the Officer-in-Charge of the RN Saturation and Diving Trials Team where he was a leading pioneer in the development of diving to extreme depths.


After retiring as a Lieutenant Commander in 1979, he commenced a second career with Royal Dutch Shell as a subsea operations specialist, originally in the North Sea but latterly on an International basis from the head offices in The Hague.  This included three years in Nigeria and eight years in Norway.  It was during his time with Shell that he met, fell in love with, and married his beloved wife Gunhild.


He finally retired to a small plot of land on the Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain in June 1996, where he and Gunhild shared very happy times.  For some, simply having time to grow avocados and citrus would be a dream come true, but not so for William.  He now had the time to also dedicate himself wholeheartedly to the advancement and promotion of Freemasonry in Spain, and to his mother Lodge here in Portsmouth.  He did this with his typical single-minded determination, and derived great pleasure from seeing the results of his tutelage.


Unfortunately, ill health forced a return to the UK from this idyll, and after an ongoing illness he sadly passed away on the 5th of January.  William has three children, ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  Although saddened by his passing we can rejoice in the fact that he still lives on through them.


William Brian Norton

(23 Dec 1935 - 5 Jan 2018)


11 Feb 18


STOP PRESS: Second World War bomb causes closure of London City Airport


The BBC News website contains this article announcing the closure of London City Airport owing to the discovery of an unexploded Second World War bomb in the adjacent King George V Dock.  Members of Portsmouth-based Southern Diving Unit 2 (SDU2) are on the scene.


The most recent previous find was only a year ago (see entry for 20 Jan 17 in News Archive 57).


Latest Rope Signal 


The latest issue of the Historical Diving Society (HDS) newsletter 'Rope Signal' can be accessed via this link:


Issue 1 (2018) of the Historical Diving Society Newsletter  



I was particularly saddened to read of the death of Ray Sutcliffe, seen second left here during an HDS UK/HDS Italia working equipment weekend on Horsea Island (see entry for 29 Apr 07 in News Archive 18) and will miss our engrossing conversations.



10 Feb 18 - Steve Window installed as a Liveryman


Congratulations to MCDOA member Steve 'Steamy' Window (third left) on being elevated to a Liveryman of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners.



Steve informs me that he has just resigned from Simwave in Rotterdam where it was wonderful assisting in bringing Europe’s most advanced simulator centre into service.  He is returning to the UK next week and is planning to move back into mainstream maritime education.


9 Feb 18 - Awards of LS&GC and clasps


Congratulations to PO(D) Gareth 'Buffs' Buffrey on being gazetted for the award of a clasp to his Long Service & Good Conduct medal and to PO(MW) Andy 'Mickey' O’Rourke, LS(MW) Dan Baker and LS(MW) Andy Broomfield on being gazetted for the award of the Long Service & Good Conduct medal.


8 Feb 18 - Gentlemen Who Lunch


For a variety of reasons, I was the only member of the MCDOA's 'Not Quite the Last of the Summer Wine' trio available to host ex-RN CD1 Dave Humphreys for lunch at the Fox & Hounds in Denmead yesterday but we had a thoroughly enjoyable meal nonetheless.  Jackie, the establishment's landlady, provided us with a sumptuous dish of freshly-made chicken & ham pie which we washed down with a couple of pints of Doom Bar. 


Dave is visiting the UK from Lugarno near Sydney in Australia where he moved 20 years ago.  We are fellow members of the RNCDA and each had our challenge coin ready to produce on demand.



7 Feb 18 - RN Minewarfare Heritage: New book now printed and available to order


'Home Waters: Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, and US Navy Mine Forces Battling U-Boats in World War I', written by your humble Webmaster in collaboration with prolific American author David Bruhn, a fellow MCMV CO in the Gulf, has now been printed and is available to order (see entry for 21 Jan 18).  I will be donating all my proceeds towards Project Vernon, the campaign to erect a monument at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth to celebrate the minewarfare & diving heritage of HMS Vernon which previously occupied the site.


Home Waters: Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, and U.S. Navy Mine Forces Battling U-Boats in World War I


They Opened the Seaways by Richard DeRosset portrays a mine detonation off the port quarter of USS Richard Bulkeley.  The wooden-hulled minesweeping trawler was sunk with loss of life while participating in post-World War I clearance of the North Sea Mine Barrage stretching from the Scottish Orkney Islands to Bergen, Norway.

Book Description
In WWI under a crippling naval blockade of its North Sea ports which ultimately resulted in the starvation of thousands of its citizens and as land warfare in Europe drags on, Germany endeavours to counter-blockade Britain via U-boat attacks on shipping and by mining waters round the British Isles.  Hundreds of fishing vessels from every port and harbour in Britain are pressed into minesweeping duties and minelayers sow fields to restrict and destroy German vessels.  Their efforts allow the powerful Royal Navy to hold the German Navy in port—except for occasional skirmishes, including the Battle of Jutland.  American destroyers hunt U-boats in British waters, while minelayers create a barrier between the Orkney Islands and Norway, to try to deny the enemy entry into the Atlantic.  Desperate, Germany mounts a U-boat offensive off North America in summer 1918, to induce the U.S. to bring her destroyers home.  Although nearly one hundred vessels are sunk, this action fails.  Germany surrenders in late autumn 1918 and allied vessels are left with the deadly task of removing thousands of mines laid in the war.


Click here to read foreword by Dwight A. Messimer


Click here to read foreword by Rear Admiral Paul Ryan USN


Click here to read foreword by Rear Admiral Paddy McAlpine RN (MCDOA past-President)


6 Feb 18 - A tweet about our President


This photo was tweeted today by MCDOA member Justin Hains, the Commander of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) embarked in the survey vessel HMS Enterprise and shows him with MCDOA President Roger Readwin (Captain Mine Warfare and Patrol Vessels, Fishery Protection and Diving):


MCDOA member Justin Hains with MCDOA President Roger Readwin on board HMS Enterprise

somewhere in the Black Sea


4 Feb 18 - RN EOD Heritage: A new book from Chris Ransted


My old friend Chris Ransted is the author of several magazine articles and books about EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) including Bomb Disposal and the British Casualties of WW2 and Disarming Hitler's V Weapons: Bomb Disposal - The V1 & V2 Rockets.


Chris has just published his latest meticulously researched contribution to the genre.  Bomb Disposal in World War Two covers all aspects of this topic including the work of HMS Vernon-trained RN, RNVR and RANVR bomb & mine disposal personnel who amassed 23 George Crosses (the UK’s second highest award for gallantry) and at least 134 George Medals (including 16 bars) during operations at sea and on land throughout the UK and further afield.



Front and back covers of Bomb Disposal in World War Two

by Chris Ransted


Here is the flyleaf blurb:


For this book, Chris Ransted has researched some of the lesser known events and personalities relating to the early years of Explosive Ordnance Disposal in the UK.  Daring acts of cold blooded bravery, and ingenuity in the face of life threatening technical challenges, are recounted throughout the book. 


Included are numerous previously unpublished accounts and photographs that describe the disarming of German bombs, parachute mines, and even allied bombs found at aircraft crash sites. In addition, the book contains the most comprehensive account ever published of the Home Guard's role with the Auxiliary Bomb Disposal Units, and details of conscientious objectors' involvement with unexploded bombs.


This is not only a valuable research tool for serious researchers already well read on the subject, but also a fascinating read for those with no previous knowledge of wartime bomb disposal at all, and of course a must read for anyone interested in the subject.


Chris dedicates an entire chapter to mine disposal operations and even mentions the MCDOA in the acknowledgements:




This book is not only a highly recommended read but is also a useful reference source for anyone interested in our bomb & mine disposal heritage.  Less expensive copies are available to order online here..


2 Feb 18 - RN Diver EOD training at DEMS


The Forces Network website contains this article, including an informative video, describing the training of RN divers in Elementary Underwater Explosive Ordnance Disposal at the Defence EOD, Munitions and Search Training Regiment (DEMS) at Bicester in Oxfordshire (see entry for 17 May 15 in News Archive 50).  The article and video feature LS(D) Ed Maddy, AB David Kerrigan, AB Euan Wallace and AB Jamie Trickett.






The Forces TV website also contains this article including a video demonstrating practical assessment tests in the lake at DEMS involving Clearance Diver Life Support Equipment (CDLSE) and featuring course instructor PO(D) Nige Froude.



1 Feb 18 - Calling old JUFAIR hands



Members of this group will be aware that the new UK support facility in Bahrain is to be re-commissioned as HMS JUFAIR.  The UKMCC (Maritime Component Command) HQ, which will have responsibility for the move into JUFAIR and the running of the facility, would like to combine the old with the new ensuring that the rich history of the previous HMS JUFAIR is fully recognised in the new establishment.  However, making contact with those who served in the old HMS JUFAIR has proved difficult.


If anyone has any memorabilia or photos they would be willing to gift or stories to share from their time there, please email Cdr Ceri Marsh, the Legal Advisor to UKMCC & CMF, via this address.  She will take copies of photos, etc., and return them to the owner if preferred.



31 Jan 18 - Former WO(MW) Terry Briggs becomes a Beefeater


Congratulations to Terry 'Basher' Briggs on his installation as the 408th Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London as reported in this article on the Royal Navy website.



Terry joins former CPO(MW) Gary Burridge who was installed as a Yeoman Warder last year (see entry for 14 Aug 17 in News Archive 59).



30 Jan 18 - Recent Tweets


Click on the linked dates for all associated photos:


Capt MFP


30 Jan 18 - Congratulations to newly promoted Warrant Officer (Mine Warfare) Cashman of MCM 1 being presented his new rank slides by MCM 1 Chief of Staff Lt Cdr Mabbott.  Richly deserved & recognition for the many years of dedication & leadership in the Naval Service.


MCDOA member Keith Mabbott presenting WO(MW) Brian 'Cash' Cashman

with his new rank slides


HMS Middleton (MCM2 Crew 2)


26 Jan 18 - Marine Engineer Dept presented with a Herbert Lott Efficiency Award by COMUKMCMFOR for their superb teamwork in 2017 from regeneration of the unit to refit and keeping the ship 'on task' through the run-up to live ops in the Arabian Gulf.


26 Jan 18 - Commander COMUKMCMFOR presents Able Seaman Barlow with his new epaulettes on his promotion to Leading Seaman (Mine Warfare).


LS(MW) Barlow being presented with his new rank slides by COMUKMCMFOR in Bahrain


24 Jan 18 - UKMCC Chaplain Martin Evans visited MCM2 Crew 2 for the final time, on board HMS Middleton, prior to handing over to Father David Conroy in Feb 18.


15 Jan 18 - After 7 months, Lt Cdr Anthony Pimm (MCM2 Crew 4) hands over Command of HMS Middleton to Lt Cdr Daniel Morris (MCM2 Crew 2)


MCDOA member Dan Morris taking over Command of HMS Middleton from Tony Pimm in Bahrain


HMS Penzance (MCM1 Crew 1)


22 Jan 18 - Today Crew 1 moved back to PENZANCE and have begun to prepare to return to sea.


18 Jan 18 - We have now completed our handover to Crew 8 and Lt Cdr P Ware RN has assumed command of RAMSEY.  Crew 1 will return to PENZANCE and prepare her to go back to sea in the coming weeks.


17 Jan 18 - Proud to be flying our Fleet Efficiency pennant as we handover RAMSEY to Crew 8.


HMS Blyth (MCM1 Crew 4)


15 Jan 18 - Lt Cdr Ben Evans assumes command from Lt Cdr Will Blackett of HMS BANGOR with (MCM1 Crew 2) relieve (MCM1 Crew 6) after a 7 month deployment.  MCM1 Crew 2 will be working hard on ops in the region before sailing HMS BANGOR home later in 2018.


Lt Cdr Ben Evans taking over Command of HMS Bangor from Lt Cdr Will Blackett in Bahrain


HMS Pembroke (MCM1 Crew 5)


26 Jan 18 - What a view - team PEMBROKE get to take part in RNWSA ski championships.  MCMVs really do get to go where others don’t!


25 Jan 18 - Some members of Crew 5 have been experiencing skiing and snowboarding as part of the Royal Navy championship.  Great views, great opportunities, life without limits!  There are many ways to keep Navy fit!


HMS Bangor (MCM1 Crew 2)


2 Feb 18 - HMS Ledbury seen from HMS Bangor while in company on operations in the Middle East.  Protecting our nation's Interests by providing security at sea.


HMS Ledbury seen from HMS Bangor in the Middle East


NATO Maritime Command


18 Jan 18 - Welcome to Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 HMS Cattistock!


27 Jan 18 - SNMCMG2 hosts British Ambassador in Turkey


Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) is commanded by MCDOA member Justin Hains embarked in the survey vessel HMS Enterprise.  It has tweeted these images of Justin greeting Sir Dominick Chilcott KCMG, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Turkey, for lunch and discussion with local officials on board HMS Enterprise alongside at Sinop in the Black Sea today.  Other guests included our Defence Attaché.



(SNMCMG2 photos)



26 Jan 18 - Funeral of ex-CPO(D) Len Smith


I am grateful to MCDOA member John O'Driscoll MBE for this message following his attendance of Len's funeral in Bodmin yesterday (see entry for 8 Jan 18):


"Hi Rob,


I attended Len's funeral as discussed.  A very simple and moving occasion with a good turnout from the Branch.  Dave Forsey was in attendance along with about eight old friends.  Brian 'Bill' Cornick was co-ordinating and took a variety of photos which he will send along with a more detailed account.


All the best.


Yours aye,




CD1 Course BCD 15 1965

(Courtesy of Alf Slingsby)

Back row: Bob 'Tug' Wilson, Mike Handford, Noddy McGrath, Smudge Smith, Dickie Radford, South African, Alf Slingsby

Front row: John Cobb, Len Smith, Instructors, Ken Blaylock, Tom King, Bill 'Chippy' Norton, Brian 'Bill' Cornick 


 Jan Johns has kindly sent me the Order of Service.  Click on this image to open it.



From Brian 'Bill' Cornick:


"Hi Rob,


Len's funeral was well attended by family and friends.  A number of his old lodge friends were there and Gillian was supported by family.


I am very glad to say that the branch supported well and the following were there:


Dave Forsey* and his son Paul

John O'Driscoll*

Tom Norman

Spike Wheeler

Cris Ballinger

Jan Johns

Mick Kester

Rocky Stone


[* MCDOA members]


(Photo courtesy of Helen Forsey)


It was wonderful to see Elsie Alderton there too.  Spike read the eulogy.  Even though he was very nervous, he did the branch well in all he recalled.


We all went back to a pub to see him off afterwards and I left them all drinking his health (though in tea for some of them).


I would personally like to thank all who attended as indeed would Gillian.  A special thanks to Nigel Davies who could not make the service but is popping in on Saturday to see Gillian.


The bugler was a chap called Paul Uzzell who played the Last Post very well indeed.  He can be contacted on 077 9885 5385 and is very willing to assist if anyone needs him.


Best Regards,


Bill Cornick"


23 Jan 18 - SDG divers on bow of QEC carrier


I am grateful to MCDOA member Sean 'Central' Heaton, CO of Southern Diving Group (SDG), for allowing me to publish this image of members of his team standing on the bulbous bow of one of our two new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.



22 Jan 18 - Arrangements for the funeral of Lt Cdr William Brian Norton RN


The funeral of MCDOA member Bill 'Chippy' Norton (see entry for 6 Jan 18) will be held at 1215 on Monday 12 February at The Oaks Crematorium, Havant with a reception to follow at the Royal Naval Club and Royal Albert Yacht Club (RNC & RAYC) in Pembroke Road, Old Portsmouth. 


Family flowers only but donations to Project Vernon, the campaign to erect a monument at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth to celebrate the minewarfare & diving heritage of HMS Vernon which previously occupied the site, are requested in lieu. The monument will act as a tribute to personnel involved in such operations - past, present and future including Bill himself - and be a fitting memorial to those who have lost their lives undertaking such hazardous duties.


21 Jan 18 - Another minewarfare book in the offing


'Home Waters: Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, and US Navy Mine Forces Battling U-Boats in World War I', written by your humble Webmaster in collaboration with prolific American author David Bruhn, is currently at the printers.  Advance orders are being accepted online but I will be taking orders for copies, inscribed if desired, when I receive my first consignment, thus saving the cost of postage from the USA (see entry for 16 Nov 17 in News Archive 60).


The cover of Home Waters shows 'They Opened the Seaways' by marine artist Richard DeRosset.  It depicts a mine detonation off the port quarter of the British-built Mersey class minesweeping trawler USS Richard Bulkeley.  The wooden-hulled vessel was sunk with the loss of her Commanding Officer and six crew members while engaged in post-First World War clearance of the North Sea Mine Barrage stretching from the Orkney Islands to Bergen, Norway.



'They Opened the Seaways' by Richard DeRosset


David and I have now started working on 'Night Raiders: US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy, and Royal Netherlands Navy Mine Forces Battling the Japanese in World War II'.  As before, the cover art has been produced by Richard DeRosset and it is called “Mining the Tokyo Express”.


'Mining the Tokyo Express' by Richard DeRosset


The painting depicts the minelaying destroyers USS Tracy, USS Montgomery (shielded from view by the Tracy) and USS Preble laying mines off Guadalcanal on the night of 1 February 1943 in an attempt to prevent an approaching force of 19 Japanese destroyers from evacuating enemy troops from the island.


As before, I will be donating my proceeds towards  Project Vernon, the campaign to erect a monument at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth to celebrate the minewarfare & diving heritage of HMS Vernon which previously occupied the site.


12 Jan 18 - HMS Cattistock deploys for NATO duties in the Baltic


The Royal Navy website contains this article reporting yesterday's departure from Portsmouth of HMS Cattistock (MCM2 Crew 8 commanded by MCDOA member Charlie Wheen) to join Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1) as part of a three-month deployment to the Baltic Sea.



10 Jan 18 - NATO Maritime Groups


An informative graphic showing the various activities of the four NATO Maritime Groups, including Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Groups 1 and 2 (SNMCMG1 and SNMCMG2), during 2017:



9 Jan 18 - A reunion with Allan Rankin


Mrs Webmaster and I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon tea at the Queens Hotel in Southsea yesterday with Allan and Marie-Louise Rankin (visiting from Australia), Martyn and Ann Holloway and Colin and Jo Welborn.  We blokes were all single MCDO 'livers-in' together at HMS VERNON during the 1970s.



8 Jan 18 - Arrangements for the funeral of ex-CPO(CD1) Len Smith


Brian 'Bill' Cornick has informed me that Len's funeral will take place at 1230 on Thursday 25 January at Bodmin Crematorium (see entry for 1 Jan 18).


7 Jan 18 - Diver discovers Royal Navy submarine graveyard off Tabarka, Tunisia


I am grateful to MCDOA past-President Colin Welborn for this message:


"Dear Rob,


Happy New Year to you and L.


You have probably seen this article:


The Times: Diver discovers Royal Navy submarine graveyard off Tabarka, Tunisia






The Times article is behind a paywall but this article on the Daily Mail website contains the same story:


Belgian amateur diver believes he has discovered the wrecks of six Royal Navy submarines in a Second World War graveyard off the Tunisian coast


It describes how an amateur diver may have found the previously undiscovered wrecks of six British submarines (TALISMAN, TIGRIS, TURBULENT, UTMOST, USURPER, P48 and P222) and a seventh believed to be Italian, all lost during the Second World War.  They are suspected to have been the victims of mines.



As shown in this detail from Volume II of 'British Mining Operations' 1939-1945, the area to the east of Tabarka was mined extensively by the British and Axis Powers during the Second World War:




6 Jan 18 - Death of Lt Cdr William Brian 'Chippy' Norton RN


I have just been informed by MCDOA member Bill Norton's wife Gunhild that he passed away last night.  I published this photo showing him as a Petty Officer on CD2 course as recently as 7 Dec 17 but you will find many more references to him if you type "Norton" into the search box on the website's Home page:


CD2 Course DCD 14

Back row: Bob Fraser, Anthony 'Charlie' Charlwood BEM, Instructor Bernard 'Donkey' Bray BEM*,

Roy 'Blondie' Rees and Vern Gibbons

Front row: Brian 'Ben' Gunnell, Bill 'Chippy' Norton, Pete Lumbis and P 'General' Booth


Bill was an old style 'Steamer' (standard diver) who qualified as a D3 at the RN Diving School in Chatham in the 1950s.  He was a Ldg Seaman (D2) in HMS Victorious in 1960/61 and converted to CD* as an Acting Petty Officer in 1962/63.  Commissioned in 1966, he undertook the MCD conversion course in 1968 before relieving MCDOA member John Coggins MBE as EODO of the Far East Fleet CD Team in Singapore until 1970.  Originally nicknamed 'Chipping' Norton after the town of the same name, this was misinterpreted as 'Chippy' so often that it stuck. 


Bill left the Royal Navy as an Honorary Lt Cdr in 1978 after running the Saturation Diving Team among other jobs.  He pursued a second career in the offshore gas and oil production industry and met Gunhild while working in Norway.  On finally retiring, he and Gunhild lived in a villa in southern Spain for several years although he retained a pied-à-terre in Portsmouth. 


In November 2006, Bill commissioned a replica set of medals awarded to the then recently deceased MCDOA Honorary Member Lt Cdr Robbie Robinson MBE.  He presented these, together with a framed photograph and biography, to fellow MCDOA member Chris Lade, the then CO of the Defence Diving School, in the wardroom at HMS Excellent so they might be displayed in the school as an inspiration to staff and trainees.




In October 2007, Mrs Webmaster and I had the privilege of spending time with Bill and Gunhild at a Trafalgar Night dinner hosted by fellow MCDOA member Jon Cox and his wife Karin at their nearby villa in Spain.  The following day, we all visited Cape Trafalgar on the 202nd anniversary of Nelson's final battle.


Trafalgar Night Dinner - Spanish Style     Trafalgar Night Dinner - Spanish Style

Trafalgar Night Dinner - Spanish Style


Jon Cox, Rob Hoole, Joe Isaacs and Bill Norton at Trafalgar Bicentenary Monument     Joe Isaacs, Rob Hoole, Jon Cox and Bill Norton at Cape Trafalgar 21 October 2007

Left: Jon Cox, Rob Hoole, Joe Isaacs and Bill Norton at Trafalgar Bicentenary Monument

Right: Joe Isaacs, Rob Hoole, Jon Cox and Bill Norton at Cape Trafalgar 21 October 2007


In July 2011, Bill was present for the formal unveiling of the Reclaim conference room at Fleet Diving HQ on Horsea Island:



MCDOA members Bob Lusty, Rob Hoole and Bill 'Chippy' Norton at unveiling of Reclaim

conference room at Fleet Diving HQ on 26 July 2011


In November of the same year Bill escorted Kate, the widow of former Superintendent of Diving Guy Worsley OBE, plus his son Mark and daughter Claire, for a presentation of memorabilia in the Reclaim Room at Fleet Diving HQ on Horsea Island.  


Mark Atkinson (then MCDOA Chairman & SofD) receiving an album of lists, hand-written

 in copper plate, of deep divers who qualified on board HMS Reclaim from Kate, the widow

of Guy Worsley OBE (SofD 1971-82) while Rob Hoole and Bill 'Chippy' Norton look on


In August 2012, Bill visited the Historical Diving Society's museum (founded by MCDOA associate member John Bevan) at Stokes Bay where he was reunited with his old friend and colleague John Dadd BEM:


Bill Norton with John Dadd at the HDS

Diving Museum on 25 August 2012


In August 2013, Bill visited the Historical Diving Society's museum again and was reunited with his old friend and colleague Dusty Miller, another of the volunteer guides.  As before, he donated a significant quantity of books and other memorabilia to the HDS museum and its associated library in Gosport.


Ex-CD1 Dusty Miller and Bill 'Chippy' Norton at the HDS Diving Museum

on 25 August 2013


Bill and Gunhild returned to the UK in 2015 after Bill, who had already survived throat cancer, fell ill again and required major surgery.  I took this photo of him at the time:


Bill Norton at home on 2 October 2015


Bill was not only an active member of the MCDOA but he was also a keen supporter of Project Vernon, the campaign to erect a monument at Gunwharf Quays to commemorate the minewarfare & diving heritage of HMS Vernon which previously occupied the site.  This will also act as a fitting memorial to those killed in the course of their duties and celebrate the achievements of RN and other personnel involved in minewarfare, diving and explosive ordnance disposal - past, present and future.  Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Bill even brought his family to support my sponsored abseil down the Spinnaker Tower to help raise funds for the Vernon Monument in August 2016.


The Norton family at Gunwharf Quays on 28 August 2016


This photo shows Bill in August last year in the Old Customs House pub at Gunwharf Quays (formerly the Captain's offices in HMS Vernon) after the funeral of MCDO John Hendrick.  The group includes John's son Jon, a former Lt Cdr (S) submariner.


Left to right: Chris Jones, Bob Lusty, John Hendrick, Jim 'Tommo' Thomson, David Hilton,

John Dadd and Yours Truly (Rob Hoole) with Bill 'Chippy' Norton sitting front and centre 


I am sure all members of our community will extend our deepest sympathy to Bill's wife Gunhild and their family, particularly Bill's son Bill Jr and daughter Vivienne.  I will publish funeral details as and when they become available.


From MCDOA member Jon Cox:




Thank you for passing the very sad news of Bill Norton’s death.  He was a former Boss and, more lately over the past ten years or so, a good friend living just an hour from us in southern Spain.  I spent many very enjoyable evenings with him and Gunhild over the past few years.  After lighting the fuse, I would sit back and listen to the stories regarding all the greats of the branch.  He was always generous in his praise and admiration of his fellow stalwarts.


Please let me know when the funeral will be as I shall make every effort to be there to pay my respects.






My photo of Jon and Karin Cox hosting Bill and Gunhild Norton at their villa near Cadiz in southern Spain in October 2007:



From former CPO(CD1) Alf Slingsby:


CD1 Course BCD 15 1965

Back row: Bob 'Tug' Wilson, Mike Handford, Noddy McGrath, Smudge Smith, Dickie Radford, South African, Alf Slingsby

Front row: John Cobb, Len Smith, Instructors, Ken Blaylock, Tom King, Bill 'Chippy' Norton, Brian 'Bill' Cornick


Alf's course photo shows him standing far right with recently deceased Len Smith (standing back row centre) and Bill 'Chippy' Norton (sitting second right).


From MCDOA member Ralph Mavin:


"Dear Rob,


It is with very great regret I received the news of Bill’s death.  He was my course officer when I qualified as a CD Basic before doing the long MCDO Course in 1972.  He was always very supportive during my time as IOMCD particularly when I was assisting over at RNPL.


After I left the Service and joined DofEN we met on many occasions, not always on the same side but, always with good humour.  Bill was a true gentleman, with great dignity and will be sadly missed by many.


My sincere condolences go to his family.






From MCDOA member Peter Waddington:




I was very sad to hear of Bill Norton's passing.


I first met him when we were fellow students on the MCD Conversion Course in the Autumn of 1967, and he worked under me in the Diving Section when I was I Diving and subsequently MCD Training Officer in Vernon in 1970-72.  We got on very well together, and I was pleased to be able to "unblock" his long overdue promotion to Lieutenant, for which he expressed his gratitude.


I don't know his wife, whom I have only met very briefly, but please convey my sincere condolences.






4 Jan 18 - Bomb disposal squad detonates mortar bomb on Norfolk beach


The Eastern Daily Press website contains this article and the Great Yarmouth Mercury website this article describing today's disposal of a mortar bomb washed up on the beach yesterday at Winterton-on-Sea in Norfolk.  Neither article identifies the EOD team involved but MCDOA member Andy Ward advises me it was Portsmouth-based Southern Diving Unit 2 (SDU2).


Mortar bomb discovered on Winterton beach

(Picture: HM Coastguard Gorleston) 


2 Jan 18 - Funeral of former CPO(CD1) Donald Albert Bray


This morning's Thanksgiving Service for the life of Don 'Donkey' Bray was a low-key affair bereft of any hymns or personal readings.  The Eulogy was delivered by independent officiator Deborah McGregor who also said Prayers and performed the Committal.  Acompanying music comprised Home Away from Home by James Galway, There You'll Be by Faith Hill and South of the Border by Dean Martin.


The CD Branch was represented by Tony Candler, John Dadd BEM, Chris 'Paddy' Doonan, Mick Fellows MBE DSC BEM, Don 'Jimmy' Green, Mike Handford, Rob Hoole, Colin 'Scouse' Kidman QGM, Mike O'Meara, Eric Piper, Ray Ramsay, Ted Setchell and Brian 'Troy' Tempest.


Mick Fellows, Mike Handford, John Dadd, Rob Hoole, Don 'Jimmy' Green,

Colin 'Scouse' Kidman, Ted Setchell and Mike O'Meara



Left: Don's daughter Liz Blanksby with her foster son Josh

Right: Don's daughter Liz Blanksby flanked by her sons Josh and Matt


After the service, a reception was held at the Lee-on-the-Solent Conservative Club.


Donald Albert Bray

(11 Feb 1929 - 10 Dec 2017)


1 Jan 18 - STOP PRESS! Deaths of Don 'Donkey' Bray and Len Smith


Not the best way to start the New Year but I have only just heard from Eamon 'Ginge' Fullen QGM that ex-CPO(CD1) Don 'Donkey' Bray passed away on 10 December.  His funeral will be held tomorrow (Tue 2 Jan) at 1115 at Portchester Crematorium.


Don 'Donkey' Bray (second left) with John Bevan, John Dadd BEM, Mike O'Meara and Chris Crask

at the RN CD Branch's 60th Anniversary reunion dinner in March 2012


To make it a truly sickly season, Brian 'Bill' Cornick has informed me that former CPO(CD1) Len Smith (aka 'Nautilus') passed away on Saturday night.  More details to follow.


I am sure that all members of our community will join me in expressing our deepest condolences to the families and close friends of Donkey and Len.


From MCDOA member John O'Driscoll MBE:


"Hi Rob,


I hope the New Year has started well for you.


I will be attending Len Smith's funeral on the 25th at Bodmin.  I knew him well when he was serving.  A very special man who had been paralysed from the waist down by a bend whilst diving with Tony Phipps on a helicopter.  He fought back to fitness to pass his CD1's course and went on to run his own diving centre in Falmouth.


All the best to you and yours for the coming year.


Yours aye,





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