Barlow & Checksfield.jpg (27825 bytes)

HMS Dipper 1950.jpg (72975 bytes)

Barlow & Caisley.jpg (68202 bytes)

Morty Drummond in Jaseur 1950.jpg (115904 bytes)

1949 - LS (later Lt Cdr) Doug Barlow with best man PO (later SofD and Capt RN) Arthur Checksfield

1950 - Diving Tender HMS Dipper
(not actual size)

1951 - PO (later Lt Cdr) Doug Barlow (last in middle row) with AB (later Lt Cdr) Tag Caisley (first in front row) - HMS Liverpool

1954 - Lt Cdr Morty Drummond (second officer from right) in Algerine Class minesweeper HMS Jaseur in Malta

FEFCDT_1958.jpg (245414 bytes)

EGUERMIN visit 1968.jpg (284189 bytes)

Barlow & Hoole in Bosun 1973.jpg (135040 bytes)

diving course at kimbles early 1970s.jpg (111003 bytes)

1958 - Far East Fleet B&MD Team  - CO Peter Messervy

1968 - LMCDO course at EGUERMIN, Ostend

1973 - Barlow & Hoole in one of Vernon's Bosun dinghies (N.B. all the windswept hair!)

1973 - LMCDO night out in Southsea: Moore, Stribley, Dance, Bayliss, Leach, Kooner, Epperson (USN), Rashleigh (RAN) 

Hoole_onboard_Calypso.jpg (44177 bytes)

Barlow_Hoole_1981.jpg (59071 bytes)

Hoole & Wiseman Cyprus 1980.jpg (132207 bytes)

PCDT Landing Crafters Cyprus 1981.jpg (106370 bytes)

1975 - Hoole on board Cousteau's Calypso in the West Indies

1981 - Hoole (right) with best man Barlow (left) Bonvilston, South Glamorgan

1982 - Hoole (left) & Wiseman (right) hang around towards end of 54m dive off Cyprus


1982 - Wiseman (centre) & Hoole (far right) after 54m dive off Cyprus


Wiseman Hoole Rosyth Winter 86.jpg (83808 bytes)

Sherman_CDBA1.jpg (76555 bytes)

Sherman_CDBA2.jpg (79404 bytes)

 Dougie_the_Diver.gif (193754 bytes)

1986 - Wiseman & Hoole at Rosyth

Sherman takes a giant leap for Diverkind

Sherman reports well

Dougie the Diver (open at your peril!)

HMS Berkeley Gulf 1988.jpg (331173 bytes)

Mansbridge in Cottesmore 1989.jpg (121931 bytes)

Examples of RN Diving Equipment

1989 - HMS Berkeley (now HNS Kallisto) in Gulf - Hoole (CO), Davies (XO) and Ashcroft (Ops)

1989 - HMS Cottesmore in Gulf - Mansbridge (CO), Poole (XO)

Compass Swimmer

Last Dive in the RN 01.jpg (57295 bytes)




2002 - Hoole's last dive in RN




The five pictures below were provided by John Lang.  All relate to his time as 1st Lt of HMS Kirkliston, 1969-1971 in Hong Kong as part of the Minewarfare Squadron.  His ship was 2nd in command and the Kirk's COs during his time were Lt Cdr Mike Cole (FAA Observer) and Lt Cdr Ian Robinson (Gunner).

HMS Kirkliston - Hong Kong.jpg (96985 bytes)

Lt John M Lang with a young disabled girl on the foc'sle of Kirkliston.

HMS Kirkliston with friends.jpg (157079 bytes)

One of the projects he was very keen on was entertaining disabled youngsters.  Kirkliston adopted this crowd from a special school in Hong Kong and this was a day at sea for them.  As you can see everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Hong Kong.jpg (131419 bytes)

The famous Suzie's Sideparty painted their ships and here's John with Lt Dave Forsey, 1st Lt of the squadron's senior ship (HMS Maxton if memory serves right) chatting to two of the girls from the side party.  The girl to the rear was a sidekick of Suzie and was in charge of the gang painting Kirkliston during John's time as 1st Lt.

Mine recovery.jpg (99268 bytes)

Dummy mine being recovered during exercises.

Dan Buoy Recovery.jpg (97682 bytes)

Minehunting short-scope buoy being recovered.






The thumbnail photos below (click to enlarge but expect longish download times) feature mainly MCDOA members during RN CD Branch Golden Jubilee reunion events in Portsmouth over the Bank Holiday weekend 3-5 May 2002.  The full programme of events was organised by a committee comprising Rob Hoole. Les Sharpe, Nick Carter and John Cobb.  About 300 attended the reunion in the Home Club on the Friday and over 400 attended the dinner dance at the Guildhall on Saturday.


The weekend saw a good cross-section of divers past and present, ranging from ex-'P-Party' members, Surgeon Vice Admiral Sir John (Doc) Rawlins KBE, FRCP, FRAeS (pioneer of naval diving medicine), Capt Chris Massie-Taylor OBE (MCDOA President & senior serving member of the Branch), Cdr Simon Nicholson (MCDOA Chairman & Superintendent of Diving) and Cdr Chris Ameye (CO of the Defence Diving School) through to current members of diving teams and ex-CD 3s (many of whom now seem to be company directors); not forgetting, of course, all the wives and partners at the dinner.


The weekend was rounded off nicely with a thanksgiving service at St Barbara's in HMS Excellent followed by refreshments in the Whaley Club.  At the church service, Trevor Lynn (twice former Padre of HMS Vernon) delivered a highly entertaining address.  It seems that when he first joined Vernon as a green young chaplain, he was told he would be expected to conduct baptisms in the diving helmet.  "How will people hear me?" he asked.  Some time later, he was actually photographed in the mining trials tank wearing full standard dress complete with taped-on dog collar and crucifix.





 RN CD Stag Night 031.jpg (115495 bytes) RN CD Stag Night 016.jpg (197450 bytes) Dave Carey & Dave Ince.jpg (37842 bytes) Jock McGovern & Dave Hilton.jpg (32300 bytes)
RN CD Stag Night 030.jpg (134468 bytes) Picture9.jpg (119190 bytes) RN CD Stag Night 021.jpg (220818 bytes) RN CD Stag Night 020.jpg (181076 bytes)
Picture13.jpg (124603 bytes) RN CD Stag Night 018.jpg (200334 bytes) Picture14.jpg (132238 bytes) RN CD Stag Night 032.jpg (181965 bytes)




Jubilee Dinner Dance 001.jpg (134973 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 003.jpg (199579 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 004.jpg (160083 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 011.jpg (281853 bytes)
Jubilee Dinner Dance 027.jpg (185901 bytes) jpPat Warren Photog.jpg (36481 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 009.jpg (178322 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 016.jpg (214122 bytes)
Jubilee Dinner Dance 019.jpg (125834 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 028.jpg (173103 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 020.jpg (123775 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 022.jpg (99619 bytes)
Jubilee Dinner Dance 017.jpg (108614 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 033.jpg (136234 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 032.jpg (119401 bytes) Jubilee Dinner Dance 029.jpg (150097 bytes)



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