RN warrant officers and ratings can be qualified in either Minewarfare (MW) or Clearance Diving (D).  RN officers can be qualified in both Minewarfare and Clearance Diving (MCDOs) although some are qualified exclusively in Minewarfare (MWOs).  Officers serving in certain appointments also undertake the Advanced Minewarfare (AMW) course.


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Development of Naval Minewarfare

RN Minewarfare Branch

General Development of Diving

History of Military & Naval Diving

RN Clearance Diving Branch

RN Diving Magazine Archive

RN Minewarfare & Diving (MAD) Magazine Archive

Operation RHEOSTAT - Suez Canal Clearance 1974

Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 341/1948 (Renaming of 'P-Party' divers as Clearance Divers (Divers (C))

Admiralty Fleet Order 857/52 (Introduction of CD Specialisation)

Defence Council Instruction 278/66 (Introduction of MCD Sub-Specialisation)

BR155B/44 - Instructions for Use & Maintenance of the Admiralty Shallow Water Diving Dress

QDD, CDO, MCDO & MWO Course Nominal Lists 1944 to Feb 2015

Royal Navy Bomb & Mine Disposal Casualties

WW II Awards for RN Diving and Bomb & Mine Disposal

WW II Awards for RN Minelaying

WW II Awards for RN Minesweeping

Post WW II Honours & Awards for RN Minewarfare, Clearance Diving and EOD