Defence Council Instructions 1966


(U)278.OfficersSeaman SpecialisationIntroduction of the Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving (MCD) Officer Sub-Specialisation


(N/NII/302/2/65/A25 Feb 1966)


1.  Owing to recent and continuing advances in modern mine hunting techniques and with the advent of the minehunter to the Fleet, it has been decided to concentrate responsibility for mine warfare and mine clearance to a single Seaman officer sub-specialisation called Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving (short title MCD).  The MCD sub-specialisation will provide present CD officers, who have an important role in this sphere, with considerably more scope and responsibility than hitherto.  It will also enable more rational and economical use to be made of training facilities.




2.   The MCD officer will be responsible for the following:


a.   The duties attributed to the CD officer under QR & AI, Article 3282 (1) to (6).


b.   The operational efficiency (except where this is the responsibility of the WEE officer) and correct use of MCM equipment and explosives and minelaying gear.


c.   The operational efficiency and correct use of demolition and underwater weapon disposal equipment.


d.    Advising on all aspects of mine warfare including the planning of minefields and use of all mine countermeasures.


e.    MCD organisation and training.


3.   In the absence of an MCD officer:


       a.   The TAS officer will be responsible for


  (1)   advising on the staff aspects of mine warfare and clearance diving.


 (2)   the operational efficiency and correct use of demolition and underwater

 weapon disposal equipment.


        b.   The Ship’s Diving Officer will be responsible for the operational efficiency of divers and their equipment.


4.   The DUSW(N) will be the sponsoring department in the Ministry of Defence for MCD matters.  HMS VERNON will be the MCD School.


Sub-Specialisation of Officers in MCD


5.   This will be open to Seaman Officers of:


a.   the General List who have not already sub-specialised;


b.   the Supplementary List;


c.   the Special Duties List.  (Not only SD(CD) but all Seamen sub-specialisations.)


6.   General List and Special Duties List officers should have served for at least one year at sea as a Ship’s Diver Officer or CD1 before starting the Long MCD course.  Supplementary List Officers may, however, undergo the Long MCD course provided they have served at sea as a Ship’s Diver Officer and have obtained their Bridge Watch-Keeping Certificate.


7.   The 1966 Long MCD Course will start on 16th May 1966 and last 30 working weeks.


8.   It is intended that General List MCD sub-specialists should have two General Service sea jobs between the time they finish their Long Course and reach the top of the promotion zone for Commander.


Conversion of CD Officers to MCD


9.   Officers who are already qualified both CD and TAS will be automatically re-designated (MCD)(TAS).


10.   Officers qualified CD will be converted to MCD on a pre-commissioning training or opportunity basis.  The Captain HMS VERNON is to notify the Ministry of Defence (DGNPS) when officers are qualified for re-designation.


11.   During the interim period, TAS officers may continue to fill those MCD billets which do not require clearance diving expertise.


12.   Special Service Pay (Diving).–This will be payable to MCD officers at the rates quoted in BR 1950, Article 484 for CD officers under the same conditions.


13.   Rating Structure.–The introduction of the MCD branch will have no effect on the existing rating structure.


14.   Amendments to Books and Publications.–QR & AI, BR 155 and BR 1950 will be amended.


(QR & AI)


(BRs 155 and 1950)



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