Minewarfare and Clearance Diving 

Officers Association




CONSTITUTION (Valid from 13 July 1993, revised November 2019)




101. The organisation shall be named: "The Minewarfare and Clearance Diving Officers' Association" hereafter referred to as "the Association".


102. Its objective is to perpetuate the "Esprit de Corps" and comradeship amongst Minewarfare and Clearance Diving Officers in the Royal Navy by the regular exchange of information and meetings on both a social and formal basis to their mutual benefit.




201. The Association shall consist of:


a.    Full members.

b.   Associate Members.

c.         Honorary Members.

d.         Life Members


202. Full Members.  Eligibility for full membership is automatic for all serving and retired Minewarfare and Clearance Diving Officers (MCDOs), Minewarfare Officers (MWOs), Clearance Diving Officers (CDOs) and Officers who were qualified in Deep Diving (QDDs) and Foreign Navy Officers who have similar qualifications and who have served with the Royal Navy.  Students qualifying on appropriate courses shall be waived the current year’s subscription, and be dined in at the expense of the Association at the next programmed Annual Dinner, provided they have completed the required Standing Order post-dated to commence in January the following year.


203. Associate Members.  Associate membership, limited to twenty‑five percent of the full membership, is open to those persons who have made a marked contribution to the Minewarfare and Clearance Diving community and the welfare of its members.  Candidates must be nominated by a Full Member and receive the formal unanimous endorsement of the Committee.  Associate Members will not be entitled to vote or nominate or second other persons for membership.


204. Honorary Members.  Honorary membership may be bestowed on individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the aims of the Association or to the activities of the MCD and MW Officer community. Honorary members shall pay no fees and shall be entitled to all privileges of membership except voting rights.  Normally, not more than one honorary member will be elected annually.  Honorary members will be elected by the Full Membership following proposal by the Committee.


205. Life Members.  Free life membership is granted to those members who have attained the age of 75 or who have been Clearance Diving or Minewarfare Officers for 50 years.  Life members have the same membership rights as Full Members.


206. Privileges of Membership.  On admission, each member shall be entitled to a copy of the Constitution and a list of members' names and addresses which will be updated periodically. They will also be entitled to receive notices of forthcoming events.


207. Cessation of Membership.  Individual membership of the Association will cease when that person:


a.    Dies.


b.   Resigns having given one month's notice and having paid any fees and subscriptions then due.


c.    Is recommended for expulsion by a three‑quarters majority of the Committee, but such expulsions shall be subject to appeal. Written notice shall be given of the reasons for intended disqualification to allow sufficient time for an individual to provide his defence. A decision will then be taken by the Committee taking any appeal into account.


d.   Has not paid his annual subscription by the due date (See 302).




301. Funds of the Association shall consist of income derived from annual subscriptions, donations and profit from social functions.  Entrance Fees and Annual Subscriptions will be decided at the AGM.


302. The subscription year will run from 1 January.  Unless by prior written arrangement with the Honorary Secretary subscriptions shall be paid by Standing Order.  Members who have not paid by 28 February will be deemed to have lapsed their membership.




401. The Association shall comprise the following Structure:


a.    Honorary President who shall be a senior officer and preferably Full member of the Association unanimously recommended by the Committee and endorsed at the AGM.


b.   Honorary Past President who shall have been an Honorary President of the Association.


c.    The Committee which shall consist of:


·    Chairman

·    Vice Chairman

·    Secretary

·    Treasurer

·    Representatives of Serving and Retired members.




501. The Committee shall comprise the following, to be elected annually by the membership at the AGM or by Special Postal Ballot:


a.    The Chairman.  A serving senior officer and Full Member of the Association.


b.   The Vice Chairman.  A Full Member of the Association.


c.    The Secretary.  A serving officer and Full Member of the Association.


d.   The Treasurer.  A Full Member of the Association.


e.    Serving and Retired Officers’ Representatives.  Representatives of the Serving and Retired Members will make up a representative forum.  There shall be no limit to the number of these forum members.  The role of this forum will be to offer help and assistance to the Association and represent the interests of the Association at appropriate ‘gatherings’.


502. The Secretary will represent the views of those members outside the UK.


503. The Committee may co‑opt members to fill any posts falling vacant during the current year.


504. The Committee will select official guests for the Annual Dinner whose costs will be borne by the Association.  These will normally comprise any members leaving the Service plus up to five non-members, including a Principal Guest, as appropriate to the occasion and their relevance to the Association.




601. The Committee shall meet at least once every six months to control and manage the business, affairs and finances of the Association. Sufficient notice shall be given to all committee members to attend.  The Secretary shall publish the agenda and minutes of all meetings.  No meeting shall be valid without the attendance of the Chairman or Vice Chairman plus four Committee members.


602. The Chairman / Vice Chairman shall chair the meetings assisted by the Secretary.  Each member of the Committee shall have voting rights.  In the event of a deadlock, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


603. The Committee shall monitor the finances of the Association, recommend changes and agree on an agenda for the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


604. The Constitution of the Association and the structure of the Committee shall be reviewed annually, adjusted if necessary, and put to the full membership for approval at the AGM.


605. Any member of the Committee may be dismissed and a replacement appointed by a three quarter majority of the Committee.


606. An AGM followed by a formal social evening shall be held at a venue to be decided by the Committee.


607. At all Annual General and Special meetings, Full Members shall have one vote for each proposal.


608. Votes may be given by members in person, or by their duly authorised proxies, who must be present at the meeting.


609. The Committee shall be elected/re‑elected at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations should be proposed and seconded by Full Members, having been endorsed by the nominee that he is prepared to serve, and are to reach the Secretary at least one month before the AGM.


610. Any proposed amendments to the Constitution, matters for discussion at the AGMs or Committee meetings, should be forwarded to the Association Secretary no later than 21 days before the scheduled date of the next meeting.




701. A bank account in the name of the "Minewarfare and Clearance Diving Officers' Association" shall be held at the National Westminster Bank, PO Box 25, 130 Commercial Road, Portsmouth, PO1 lES.


702. Two signatories, the Treasurer plus one other member of the Committee, will be required on all withdrawals made.


703. The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts which are to be presented at each Committee meeting. The Annual Accounts shall be presented at the AGM for approval by the membership.


704. All the books of account shall be open to the inspection of any member.


705. At every AGM, two members shall be appointed as auditors and audit all Association accounts for the following year.




801. The Association shall be dissolved if and when a resolution for the same shall have been carried by a three quarter majority vote of all Full Members in person at an extraordinary or Annual General Meeting.


802. On dissolution, the Committee shall be empowered, after payment of all debts and expenses to apply surplus funds to such Naval Charities or similar bodies as they may in their absolute discretion think fit.




901. In accepting membership, members undertake to abide by the Constitution of the Association and decisions of the Committee.  Members of the MCDOA should to bring to the attention of the committee the death or hardship of any member or widow of any member of the Branch(es) regardless of rank, rate or MCDOA membership.’



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